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New sport journalism degree in the Universidad San Jorge

The Universidad San Jorge start next Tuesday his first sport journalism degree approach to all professional and students in communication area. The objective is make highly-trained professionals with abilities to work in all types of media specializing in sports who are ready to work with entire guarantees at the end of the course.

Joseba Benaut, program coordinator, explains that the Universidad San Jorge is going to give this degree “because it has a lot of students interested in it, and sports content have a lot of presence in the media, so it’s necessary to formed and work hard in it to have a good sport journalism in the future”.

The degree is divided in four modules: television, radio, press writing and Internet and new technologies. All of them will have an 80 percent of practise activity. The purpose is that all students will have to make a real sport journalism live every week. So, their training will give them the opportunity to meet the Medias and professionals.

 Sport journalist working in Beijing Olimpyc Games

Teacher’s staff is formed by very professional and renowned teachers as Antón Castro, sport journalist in Heraldo de Aragón and El Periódico, who write “Los domadores del balón”, a compilation about his World Football Cup 2006 chronicles. Jorge San Martín, sport news and Zona Champions presenter in Antena Aragón. Francisco Ortíz Remacha, a high renowned radio professional nominated by the Spain Radio Academy by the best sport narration. Jorge Mora Laclériga, who make Heraldo de Aragón website and Alejandro Lucea, Heraldo de Aragón Sports editor. “His passion, honesty, and love with his work is very important to certificate the degree successful teaching young people as well as veterans”, says Benaut.

Nowadays, journalism is in a non stop evolution. We are in multimedia era and digital tools are as important as a good story. In this way, professor Benaut thinks that a good journalist may use and dominate the technology in order to develop his work in all areas and Medias. However, he defends the specialization to make the best journalism: “At the end, everybody must find their way, style and voice”.

The Universidad San Jorge is consolidating his academic projects and still increasing his academic offer. Before incorporate more grades and faculties, the idea is offered more post-grade degrees and Masters, as well as own curses. Besides sport journalism degree, the university will start Expert Protocol degree in a few days.

Sport Journalism Degree (USJ)
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